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2020 Winter Soiree

2020 Winter Soiree

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Monthly publication that is 100% relevant with local physician generated content 


Podcast episodes spotlighting our featured physicians as well as key affiliate partners


Exclusive networking events catering to our top physicians and affiliate partners


Strong local businesses who wish to increase brand awareness, social interactions and relationships with top physicians


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“In simpler times, a local medical community was woven together by common concerns and interests. They interacted outside the formal meeting rooms of the local, state and national societies.  They shared stories and developed a bond that could provide a strong voice for the empowerment of medical care in their neighborhoods.


Today we live in a more complex and evolving world of communication.  Each local medical community has grown exponentially and the ability to share stories of who we are has been lost.  Enter the Medical Professionals publication.  This magazine has met a need and has allowed to once again share our individual and collective stories.”

- Dr. Julian Nussbaum; (former VP of AU Health) MD; William S Hagler Distinguished Chair of Ophthalmology; Co-Director - James & Jean Culver Vision Discovery Institute

“It's shocking just how many of our staff (around 190 of them) read the magazine each month.  And it will typically even wind up in our waiting area where we’ve discovered our patients really embrace the idea of reading about the doctors whom they’re visiting.”

Dr. Alan Whitehouse; MD

The magazine does a great job of keeping its finger on the pulse of the medical community in Augusta!  It's always interesting to read about the local happenings in the medical community. The magazine is well put together, it always has something that is relevant to read about regardless of your specialty or type of health care provider that you happen to be!

Tom Wieme

Physicians Assistant, Southern Family Medical Center

"Jeremy has done a great job highlighting the medical community in a new and fresh way!"

Jeff Drake

Executive Director Christ Community Health Services

"A great magazine that sheds the spotlight on Healthcare topics paired with the passionate attitude of indulging in health science and its providers, critically relevant for an up-to-date medical professional, and with invaluable specific gravity which is geared towards excellence."

Dr. Anastasios Polimenakos, MD

The Medical Professionals magazine has been a great addition to my professional resources, as it allows me to learn about what is going on in our community with other medical colleagues.  There are so many amazing programs in the CSRA and Jeremy has taken the time to find the cream of the crop to highlight throughout his new masterpiece.  I look forward to the shorts within the magazine as well as the featured program or physician.  I don't have a lot of time to read general magazines, but I make time for Medical Professionals because the information is always relevant and encouraging.

Jennifer Jones, Ph.D. CCC-SLP, BCS-S, C/NDT

"This magazine is fantastic... It's a good way to get medical professionals together in a centralized forum... This is absolutely a good way to get people to see who's out there and to understand who's doing certain things."

Dr. Alex Collins

"In my line of work, marketing is everything... with this magazine being as cutting edge as it is and changing the game as far as how physicians market within the physician community, this is a great way for all of us to communicate with each other who the best of the best is in town."

Dr. Troy Austin