They say medicine has become big business. 

They say healthcare has to change. 

They say the system is broken. They say a lot of things.


But we see what our world needs. 

We see healthcare’s best days are ahead of us. 

We see what can change. 

And we seek to lead that change. 


We seek to connect. To learn from one another first + humbly offer our knowledge too.


[ We seek to listen to anyone and everyone who is putting in the work- 

and we welcome diverse voices to the table. ]


We seek meaningful relationships that fuel healing. 

And we make time to create them. 


We seek room to laugh; we want to have fun; we’re serious about humor

 and joy. At our table, we even make room for the snorters- 

you know who you are.


We seek imagination. New ideas. 

We seek forward progress that honors the best parts of our shared tradition. 

We won’t settle for what’s been when we know 

we’re capable of more- together.


We seek creative sparks that grow into the simplest, most elegant solutions. 

(We seek to end the very problems those who came before us never intended to create. )

Problems that outside actors and agencies will never be able to solve. 


We seek room to grow- room to fail- on our way to finding the best path possible. 


Together we chase the lessons that will change healthcare forever.


We seek to be well and keep our patients well. 

And we’re the ones to keep each other well. 


Let’s go.


Why this community?

Why now?


We know you depend upon the strength of your credentials and your reputation in the medical community to gain and maintain respect. 


We know you need to be seen as trustworthy and someone 

who knows what they’re doing. 


But we also know you need room to be the real you- 

to have an "off" day, or just  a day off. 


You need space to bounce ideas off of others, space to work things out instead of needing to appear like you have all the answers, right at your fingertips. 


You need meaningful chances to learn from others and gain the education that will transform you- and your abilities- for the better. 


We know your patients always come first, and we see that you’ll never abandon that ultimate calling...


but aren’t you ready for a community where your needs have room to be prioritized? 


A space where the relationships you form will absolutely carry over into your patients’ experience- but more than anything- will be relationships 

that pour into you? 

Build your skills and confidence?

Increase your abilities to perform all your duties-

and truly enjoy your vital role in our local healthcare space?


Belonging to this community is more than just a networking space, and way more than a place to simply collect business cards or referrals. 

It's more than just another CEU opportunity. 

And it's a hell of a lot more than a free meal. 


You'll get all of that by simply participating, but you'll get so much more: 

people who get you

people who can actually be there for you

people who understand the uniquely frustrating & challenging elements of your work

people who also want to deeply serve their patients and be their best

And people who are committed to growing with you


If this sounds like you, it's in your DNA to a be an MP Community core connector.


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