Chris Woods; PA-C

I originally met Chris years ago when we were both part of the same college campus ministry. I was in Augusta, and he was in Valdosta. Many mutual friends and many years later, we reconnected again here, in Augusta.

Chris is a very keen and perceptive individual. He understands people well and empathizes with them, with the heart of a pastor. I think his “Jesus beard” helps with that too?! He is also humble and a great student of his profession...reading, studying and always learning how to be better at what he does so that he can provide even better patient care. He also reads charts from his peers, so he can gain insight into how other providers tackle decisions for their patients. Peer research at its best!

One of the things that I enjoy and appreciate most is his sense of humor. Chris always makes me laugh...and in reading his article, you will most certainly crack a smile or two, and might even make one of those “I’m alone but just snorted/laughed out loud” kinds of laughs! I certainly hope that you do.

He is a great and wonderful person, who loves his wife and children and makes a priority out of being present in their lives.

All in all, I’m so thankful that he is here with us, at Perfect Health ... providing care for our growing community.

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