Colby Dean; ER RN

In this, our June 2020 issue, we will be highlighting Colby Dean, RN.

I want to first take you all back to one Augusta-hot summer day at Ft. Gordon's Barton Field. The year was 1998. With thousands of fans pouring in the gates, feet kicking up dust and dirt, there was a palatable excitement and an energy storm brewing. These thousands were there to shake, move and rock out to the grooves of Third Eye Blind ... while others confessed their desire to only see Our Lady Peace perform their mind-blowing melodies. But not me... I didn't so much care for either. You see, my friend Colby Dean was the lead singer of a local college band, Liquid Ride. I was there to see him as they were the opening band for the festival. These are my earliest memories of Colby. College Colby.

Since that time, I've had the privilege of seeing Colby continue to grow and develop into the amazing person that he is today. Growth is never easy ... and one doesn't become this caliber of a person sitting on the couch eating potato chips. Colby's journey has taken him through some very challenging life experiences ... and he's come out on top. He's a fighter. He digs deep. He puts in the work. Determined Colby.

There were a lot of great parts to the interview that I want to highlight but don't have the room here to do so. I would, however, like to bring up the phrase "living with purpose." That phrase that he uses in the interview completely sums up Colby's present life. Whether it's pouring into his marriage to Vanessa, creating shared experiences with his son, listening to audiobooks while working out or simply giving himself as a team player at work, Colby seeks to do all these things with purpose. Mindful Colby.

Now, don't get me wrong here... He is not monastic and dry in any way, shape or form. How do I know? Well ... let's just say, I do. And let's just also say "karaoke." Karaoke Colby.

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I had fun putting it together ... and as well, a photoshoot with limited access during the COVID-19 restrictions. This turned out to be one of my all-time favorite issues and stories.

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