Davis and Rachel Mellick; PA-C

In this our October 2019 issue, I’m so excited to be able to highlight two fantastic people; Davis and Rachel Mellick.

Besides being an uber cute and perfect specimen of a married couple that can also work together…they are both simply fun and easy to be around. But, let me back up just a little bit. I first heard the name “Davis Mellick” when my brother, local sports medicine chiropractor, Dr. Jason Rueggeberg, pulled me aside and said, “You’ve really got to meet an amazing couple who are doing Direct Primary Care here in Evans.” Jason isn’t normally that persistent and excited about me meeting people, so I was happy to follow up this warm lead and so glad that I did.

Davis is a warm and friendly personality. He is well-spoken and articulate. The beard makes him seem more serious than he really is…almost bard like. At heart, he has a great and subtle sense of humor that comes out in fun and quirky ways.  I was also impressed at his extensive background in medicine and that he’s been involved with a wide variety of clinics, ranging from military, to hospitals to private practice. He runs the full gambit of practicing medicine and speaks fluently regarding each subcategory.  It doesn’t take long to see what drives him…a passion for giving the best healthcare possible at the lowest cost.  He desires to really know and invest himself with his patients.  That’s why he and Rachel started Evans Direct Primary Care. To better serve their patients and retain the autonomy to provide them what THEY believe the patients need…not what is mandated from outside sources; (ahem…cough cough…Insurance Companies).

Now about Rachel. Rachel is a breath of fresh air. She and Davis are a great team. When first meeting her, it’s hard not to be captured by her warm smile and sweet disposition. She’s also the master at photobombing a picture! One doesn’t have to talk long with her to see that the warmth and kindness comes directly from her faith in God. When someone’s favorite word is “lovingkindness” how can you expect anything less than that when interacting with them? Rachel is driven and wicked smart. She graduated with honors and takes her practicing medicine very seriously. I also enjoyed that she is a runner, because I am too.  But, more so…because one can see that just as in running, there is a dedication to pushing through difficulties, hills, cramps and stresses. She has that runner’s determination and runner’s longview mindset.  

In our photoshoot, we were joined by their daughter Charlotte and we also were privileged to highlight their rock star office manager, Katelin; who in Davis’ words “Makes things work around here.”

I hope that you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoyed telling you their story.

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