Don Branum; CEO of Christ Community Health Services

I originally met Don through an introduction through Ron Skenes, Director, Communications & Development at Christ Community Health Services. (Thank you Ron!).

Don and I spoke and chatted about the medical industry, challenges that clinics and clinicians face, as well as the struggles in providing healthcare to the under-resourced in our city. It was a great discussion and I knew that I not only wanted to highlight Don and his story, but also wanted to share his thoughts with all of you as well!

We also talked a lot about running and swimming. He and his wife, Sheri, are both incredible athletes who specialize in triathlons. I respect anyone who can ride a bicycle for that long! Don is also a great and humble leader. He is very easy to talk to and a fantastic listener. I also enjoy his sense of humor and he has a generous and warm smile; which really comes through in our photography.

Christ Community Health Services is a true blessing to our community and we are thankful to them, and all their amazing staff, for all they do to serve those who often get overlooked. I hope you enjoy his article and if you’re interested in running, swimming or biking...reach out to him!

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