Doug Welch: CEO; Doctor’s Hospital

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

I had the privilege of interviewing Doug (CEO of Doctor’s Hospital) for my very first issue of Medical Professionals Augusta. He was very accommodating and eager to share in the magazine. When walking into his office at Doctor’s Hospital in the executive suite, the first things to stand out were the architect plans for the new additions to the hospital, a myriad of staff Halloween pictures on his wall as well as Dallas Cowboy Football paraphernalia. It became very clear quickly that Doug is extremely engaging, well spoken and articulate. He has a deep love and appreciation for his staff that he’s not shy about in the least either. Though apt and seasoned in the Hospital world, working with HCA for years now, he also retains a modesty that’s engaging and appealing. I’m grateful to have been able to highlight he and many of his staff throughout the following months of the magazine.

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