Dr. Alan Getts, MD

This month I’m thankful and excited to bring to you the story of Dr. Alan Getts, MD. Being a pillar of the local Augusta medical community, he will need little to no introduction to most all of you, but for those who have heard the name but don't know him yet…get ready to meet the legend!

I first met Dr. Getts five years ago, when I was publishing another magazine in the area. He was very warm and engaging when we first met and quickly gave me a tour of the Covenant Pediatrics location and introduced me to his staff, including Dr. Shannon Meyers (who has gone on to found Able Pediatrics).  

He is a man who listens well. He’s smart and nerdy…but in the most wonderful sense of the word. He doesn’t speak to simply hear himself speak, he pays close attention and asks great questions. I really appreciate how he often uses the words “we” and “us” when talking about the achievements of his practice, business ventures as well as Allegiant Medical Billing. He is a team player and a humble one. His team knows how important and essential they are.

In this article, you will learn how Allegiant Medical Billing started. You will also hear about his first job (not to be envied in any way!). He provides some great sage advice for younger physicians regarding burnout and staying engaged with the drudgery of practicing medicine. You will also get to see into the heart of someone whose highest calling and achievements are to his God and family. That says a lot regarding his values in life, because he has truly accomplished much!

I really enjoyed our morning together in the interview and especially the photoshoot. We were able to spend time with him and his staff at the Allegiant, as well as go back to his home office at Covenant Pediatrics for the rest of the photoshoot.

He pushes himself to be better each day and that’s why we entitled the issue “Make It Your Mission To Continually Make Your Practice Better.”

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