Dr Alan Whitehouse MD; Augusta ENT

Alan has actually been the one to wait the longest to be featured on the magazine. Over a year ago, we were having late night drinks with he and his wife, and I told him about the magazine I was launching. I asked him if he’d be interested in being highlighted, to which he agreed. I then informed him that the first 11 months were taken, but if he wanted the November, 2018 issue, it would be all his. I’m so grateful he agreed. One doesn’t have to speak with him very long to learn that he has an extensive understanding and endless curiosity about art, architecture, culture, languages, wine and travel. He even designed their Evans location building! How’s that for a renaissance man! Alan is also enthusiastically passionate about his wife and so proud of her. Its absolutely refreshing to see. One of my favorite responses in my interview was

when I asked him what those closest to him would say was his greatest characteristic…to which he humbly replied, “I would hope that they would say, “he was generous.” So thankful he and his wife are here with us in Augusta, influencing the hundreds who come into his practice day in and day out. I hope that you also have the opportunity to sit down for a glass of wine with him…or two…or three.

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