Dr. Alex Collins: Champion Orthopedics

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

One of my first experiences with Alex was at a Christmas Party where he was out in the middle the dance floor giving it his all. Smiling. Laughing. Enjoying. This is Alex. Hosting more than 100 of his friends at a party and helping them all enter into his seemingless endless joy. He is an eternal optimist who breathes life into those around him. Once I was over at his house to visit his wife, Jackie, and he was diligently studying downstairs in the converted basement. But, hearing that I was there, made time to come up and say “Hi” and chat for a little bit before excusing himself to go back down to continue his studies. This is Alex. He is a student of life…he is a student of his practice. He works hard to be the best for his patients. Not only with them, but with his family too. I have actually made time to go over and chat with him about parenting. You see, he’s “been there and done that” with his kids. Mine are much younger. I wanted to know how he and Jackie have been able to parent so well and wanted to glean some of that knowledge. He spent about 2 hours talking with me and encouraging me. This is Alex. Countless times when I'm meeting with potential clients for the Medical Publication, and they see him on the front cover of the April issue, say, "Hey, that's my Dr. We love him." There have been many who shared those sentiments with me...I should have kept count. Nevertheless, I was very honored to share him and his story with the rest of the Augusta Medical Community and hope that all my readers truly see and feel just how much he takes care of his patients, listens to them and truly wants to see them live a healthy and happy life. This is Alex.

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