Dr. Chris Gibbs; MD

In this, our December 2019 issue, we have the privilege of sharing the story of Dr. Chris Gibbs. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Chris now for close to 20 years and am so excited to share his story and enthusiasm with all of you.

Chris is a small-town boy, born and raised in south Georgia. Ever since he was a child, he knew that he wanted to be in medicine. With the humble beginnings of a farmer’s son working a tobacco and peanut farm, to sweeping floors at a local pharmacy on weekends, he has earned and worked his way into where he is today. Some of the things that I enjoy most about him is his openness, honesty and candor.  He tells you like it is and doesn’t polish things to look better or more prestigious than they are. Yet, he is gentle and kind in his disposition and how he relates towards others. This is a true talent.  

He is also a forward thinker and entrepreneur.  Over the years, Chris has not only seen the ways medicine needs to develop and serve his patients better, but he has also started cutting edge companies; like Urgent MD, to move towards that goal.  Though employed at the JMS Burn Center, he still find himself moving towards need rather than just ignoring it or bemoaning it.  This has led him to launch, Interpoint Health, a new directive taking care of Medicare ONLY patients.  In a day and age, whereby physicians have to limit the number of Medicare patients they can take, Chris has decided to focus his attention precisely on them and their growing needs.

In his off time, you’ll be surprised to know that he loves cutting grass on his 50-acre farm. When he’s not riding the cockpit of his lawnmower, he can be found hunting, fishing or watching his favorite TV show, That 70’s Show. Those who know him best also know how important music is to him and aren’t surprised by his part-time gigs DJ-ing parties and spinning some wicked music. I am not sure if he has an official DJ name…but we do need to get to the bottom of that!

Of his many life accomplishments, he is most proud of his four children, John Jr, Caroline, Isabelle and Graham; three of whom are already pursuing a future in medicine.  

All in all, this was a fantastic interview. I admire Chris and how he believes that his specific calling as a physician is one of the highest callings one can ascribe to, which is to better serve his greater community. I think he’s right.  

Well, all in all, I like his spunk. I like his spirit.I like his deep southern accent. And I like how light-hearted and fun it feels to spend time with him. He loves to laugh and enjoy life…and that lifts my spirits too.

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