Dr. Conrado "Roddy" Tojino

Warm greetings!

In this our October 2021 Issue, I’m very pleased to share with all of you Conrado “Roddy” Tojino!

I first met Roddy several years ago through his amazing wife, Samantha. I was very impressed with Samantha’s work with Women’s Sexual Health and ended up doing a cover story on her in 2018. It was through that story and photoshoot that I first met Roddy...and I’m so glad that I did!

For those of you who know him, you’ll be nodding your head in agreement to what I have to say, and for those of you who don’t’ll be happy to learn these things. For starters, he is one of THE most humble and grateful people I’ve ever met. He is a true mover and shaker in his field and expertise...yet, doesn’t ever bring spotlight onto himself. He absolutely wanted to make sure that I got a photo of his PA, Melissa Long, because in his words, “Melissa is an integral part of making this entire practice work.”

We had fun on the photoshoot. Roddy has an electric scooter that he uses to quickly move from his office (located across the street from the hospital) to the OR, as he says he daily makes that long walk several times. And now can do it in a fun way...and in just a few minutes. I did challenge him to a hallway race, which I won (of course).

Another great memory with Roddy and Samantha was at a Christmas Party at their house several year ago. It was for Samantha’s graduation (yet another medical degree!) and the house was filled with family and friends. They had prepared some songs to sing, karaoke style...and it completely blew me away! They are both so talented and not only harmonize voices well...but strongly support one another in life, marriage, careers and parenting. All in all, I am so thankful for Roddy and know that you will truly see his heart come through, of someone who is a humble servant, and yet also a very talented provider.

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