Dr. David Faircloth; DMD

I am so very honored to bring you into the life and practice of Dr. David Faircloth (Aiken/Augusta Oral and Facial Surgery). Dr. Faircloth and I met standing in line at the funeral of Dr. Fred Mullins. We had mutual friends for years, but never actually met in person until then. Standing in that line for two hours at the funeral home, to show our respects to the family, we got to know one another quite well indeed! And it was after that, that I knew I really wanted to highlight him and share his story with all of you.

Some of the things which stand out to me most about David is his unbridled compassion and kindness. He truly is a generous and thoughtful person. He's humble and perceptive. He's also really good at his craft and work. To be in business across 25 to 30 years, in two locations, demonstrates the quality of his work as well as his ability to serve the needs of his patients and care for them in a holistic way.  

His most memorable patient experience among thousands, was the time he got to fix the jaw of a shy and depressed young lady. Unlike most other surgeries, maxillofacial surgeries display an immediate change in the human form. This young woman, who suffered from a severe underbite, was completely transformed. And with that physical transformation, came a new joy and confidence ... and a new personality. A happy one. David's face beamed and smiled as he told me this story. That's David ... joyful at the happiness of others.  

He's also a car guy. This has been a passion of his for years. That is one reason we wanted to use his 1965 Ford Mustang (mint condition) on the front cover pic. Even in his hobby he is kind ... as he has offered to me numerous times to take out any of his cars and have a good time. Smiling he says, "They are meant to be driven ... plus, they are insured, so have fun." That's David ... happy to share.

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