Dr. Dwayne Hooks; Ph.D., APRN

I am from a nursing family, in that my mother was an RN for nearly 40 years and retired as a case manager from Bebe Memorial Hospital in Lewes, DE. Nurses will always have a special place in my heart, and I have a deep amount of respect for the care they provide their patients. Dwayne is one of those people whom when you meet, you feel like you’ve known one’s entire life.

He is respectful. He is a team player. He is enjoyable. He is a great listener. He is a talented administrator. He has vision. He loves his profession. He has put in decades of relentless hard work to hone his craft. He is forward-thinking. He is an influencer. He has a nice goatee. He brings joy and laughter to his team. When you talk with him, he gives you his full attention. We first met at an event for APRN’s hosted by Samantha Tijino (APRN - Doctors Hospital) at the Partridge Inn.

Dwayne spoke for a little bit, and I knew that I had to meet him. We did meet and swapped contact info, and only a few days later I was given a tour of the Nurse-Man- aged Health Center downtown. It is a direct primary care model, staffed entirely by RNs or APRNs. I was impressed. Then we were back at the Partridge Inn for a lunch, and discussed the state of health care and the growing importance for reform in regards to how APRNs could practice and have more medical freedoms. Georgia (our state), by the way, is one of the last states to adopt any change and allow for nurses (especially APRNs) to use their degrees and training, to better and more fully care for patients.

All in all, I am so excited to highlight Dwayne and his staff in this issue! I am also passionate about the thousands of students they have directly influenced, trained and taught over the past years. How impressive! And it’s those very students who are in our hospitals, prompt cares, private practices and hospice/home health care companies, serving our families. Serving you and I, in ways only a nurse truly can.

I hope you enjoy meeting Dwayne as much as I did!

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