Dr Frances Florentino/Dr Sarah Taylor: Evans Dermatology

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

I’ve known Fran for 3-4 years now. I first met her at a mutual friend’s party and got to know her then. She is one of my favorite people, hands up and hands down. Fran has a way of being a “silent storm” of a personality. She won’t ever assert herself into the spotlight nor dominate a conversation, yet if one were lucky enough to talk with her or engage her, you will find a winsome, intelligent and humble human being on the other side. And, you will come out far better for that conversation. That in essence sums up my sentiments towards Fran, she is a giver who seeks to help, esteem and heal those around her. A true physician…who happens to be a craft beer connoisseur as well.

I haven’t known Sarah for very long. I actually met her the day of the interview…and my impressions are nothing but likable. She has a warm and caring personality that comes through her enthusiasm and a heartwarming smile that she seems to sleep with and wake up with too. Sarah is the kind of person who will make time for those around her. Months after the interview, I ran into her at a sushi restaurant. We both stood at a buffet line and chatted for a such a long time that the cold sushi on our plates actually got warm. I am very thankful that she is here in Augusta and working with Fran at Evans Dermatology. I like her so much, I’ve sent my mother to her to become Sarah’s newest and sweetest patient.

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