Dr. Fred Mullins: JMS Burn Center

This interview was actually conducted between surgeries and patient rounds. First of all, it was and always is very humbling and heavy to be in a burn hospital. I also find myself so thankful for the fact that neither I, nor my children, have known these hallways…and hope we never will. Yet, for those who find themselves there, Fred Mullins is a God-send. Fred is a force of nature. There aren’t many people on this planet with as much drive, skills and empathy as this man. If I could describe him, he has the ingenuity of Nikola Tesla, the energy of Theodore Roosevelt and heart of Mother Theresa. I was honored to have him on the front cover for our February issue because it is Burn Awareness Month. The interview was quick and to the point. We had 20 minutes and that was all we were getting. And this expedited interview was not because Fred didn’t value what we were doing…but rather he had patients to see and check in with. I’m grateful for the time we did get with him and was so excited to share his story and that of JMS Burn Center.

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