Dr. Fred Mullins; MD (Honorary Tribute)

I received the news of Dr. Mullins' passing several hours after it occurred. Like so many of you, I was shocked. What was 2020 throwing at us yet again? Immediately, my mind recalled the times that I did get to spend with him ... or better yet, around him. For unless one was a patient, staff or family, one could never actually be "with" Fred. He reserved his very limited time to those closest with him. And he was very, very generous with his limited time.

The idea of a tribute issue came to me the next evening while I was up thinking and praying. I wanted to do something that would call attention to his life and work from those who knew him best, while giving all of you the opportunity to share from your hearts in a way that will be concrete, tangible, personal and lasting ... like this publication. In the end, we had over 20 peers and over 20 patients, all contributing heart-felt memories and gratitudes for him.

The idea also came that we could reprint an extra 1,000 of these tribute issues to sell and then use the proceeds to donate to the Burn Foundation. Thus, honoring Dr. Mullins, providing a platform for his friends and peers, and supporting a cause he was obviously extremely passionate about. Win-win-win.

If you are reading this and would like to purchase an issue (or more) please go to my home landing page, they are $20/each and you can use PayPal. The proceeds of each purchase will go to supporting The Burn Foundation.

This main interview/story I chose to run was from February 2018, and was actually conducted between surgeries and patient rounds. First of all, it was and always is very humbling and heavy to be in a burn hospital. I also find myself so thankful for the fact that neither I, nor my children, have known these hallways … and hope we never will. Yet, for those who find themselves there, Fred Mullins is a God-send. Fred is a force of nature. There aren’t many people on this planet with as much drive, skills and empathy as this man. If I could describe him, he has the ingenuity of Nikola Tesla, the energy of Theodore Roosevelt and heart of Mother Theresa. I was honored to have him on the front cover for our February issue because it is Burn Awareness Month.

Until next time.

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