Dr. Hari Reddy, Medical Director of the ICU at Doctors Hospital

I’m so excited to get to introduce you all to someone who has become one of my favorite people and medical professionals here in Augusta, Dr. Hari Reddy, MD.

So, a fun back-story on me meeting him, was that David Mellick; PA-C, and co-founder of Evans Direct Primary Care, had written an email to me explaining that I needed to meet Dr. Reddy and that he would be a fantastic front cover story. When Davis takes the time out of his super busy schedule to implore me to meet someone, I take that very seriously! Thus, we set up an appointment and just a week later I was sitting down with Dr. Reddy at Panera Bread and discussing life, parenting, medicine and social media. Thank you, Davis, for making this introduction!

You will read for yourself in this fantastic interview, just how super-talented and sharp Dr. Reddy is. One of my favorite stories that didn’t make it into the magazine, was that he was brought back to Augusta to assist Doctors Hospital put some necessary systems into place into their ICU. He and his work-partner Dr. Livieratos, began this process in September of 2019 and had worked out many of the kinks in the system by late February 2020. Little did they, or any of us, know what would happen to our country in early March 2020 with COVID … but they were more ready at the ICU than ever before! What a wonderful and timely thing to occur for our community. Were the ICU not prepared in the way it had been … so many lives would have been lost due to the virus!

The stories that you will read in this interview will show you just how much of a team player Dr. Reddy is. When he signed on to be the front-cover story, his only request was that his entire team's photos would also be featured alongside his.

He is humble and hard-working. He also is fun, down-to-earth and has a great and warm smile. Personally, we connected on so many levels, and although I’m not in medicine directly, I learned so much from our times talking and I can’t wait to share this wonderful wealth of information with all of you as well!

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