Dr. Hetal Thakore; MD

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

I first met Hetal at an event celebrating my December 2017 front cover, Doctors Hospital’s CEO, Doug Welch. Doug pulled me to the side in the physicians lounge at the hospital and introduced me to Hetal as someone I need to consider for the magazine. I’m so glad Doug did that and I’m so my path has crossed with Hetal almost a year later. Dr. Thakore is a true delight to be around. The kind of personality who gives life to those around him. He has an infectious smile, generous laugh and caring and insightful disposition. He’s also fun. I appreciate that he’s a child of the 90’s and can speak fluently about Radiohead, The Wutang Clan or The Big Lebowski. He’s also a mover and shaker in the medical community. He sees gaps and holes in the system and takes it upon himself to discover ways to make things better; on a holistic and systematic level. He’s a trailblazer with a stethoscope. (Who would be wearing shorts and flip flops if he could). To prove that point regarding his visionary and missionary passion, he started Lotus Health, which bridges the service gap with elderly patients, who are still active, but slowing down to the point where they are not necessarily getting the care which they need. Thus, he goes to them and takes care of their needs at their home-facility, so that they won’t have to come to a doctor’s office…and all the risks that could entail for them as well. Its a great vision and a needed service. Well, getting back to the interview, all in all we had a great time and the photoshoot was graciously hosted by The Claiborne at Westlake; a new assisted living community in Augusta, Ga. I was grateful for our time and that he’s choosing to dedicate his medical talents to our community here in Augusta. Congratulations to Dr. Thakore for being our February 2019 front cover physician!!

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