Dr Jason Rueggeberg, DC

When I thought of whom I’d want to be on the front cover in the field of Chiropractic, Jason was one of the first. Besides running successful practices in Reston, VA, and Cincinnati, OH, he has a great practice here in Augusta ... his hometown.

Forward thinking. A forever-student of human anatomy and physiology. Great at patient care as well as interpersonal communication. Deeply involved with the athletic community, as well as being an athlete himself. Able to navigate personal-injury cases and write reports with the golden pen like a medically inspired Shakespeare. He does it all and does it all very well.You will see his professionalism as well as his personality come through in this article.

If I could sum up his dream life, he would be happy to be next to any body of water, dressed up in a Boba-Fett costume with a fishing pole in each hand. Yes, he’s my favorite (and only) brother ... but, he’s also an amazing healthcare leader.I admire him for the practice he’s built here in only a short two years. More than that, I admire the way his patients are madly devoted to him.

But, ego doesn’t run the show with Jason. He is very much a “team player” when it comes to patient care. He actively seeks to deepen and broaden his relationships throughout the medical community so that he can more aptly refer any of his patients out to others who can assist and provide the care they need.That’s why we titled this issue: “We Make Time To Listen To The Patient, Find The Root Cause, And Then Make A Plan ... Even If It Involves A Referral To Other Physicians”

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