Dr. John Gore, MD; Hospitalist AU Health

John is a long-time friend. I’ve known him for more than twenty years. He is of the most passionate and authentic people that I know. He has a laser-focused precision when he is interested in something and not only learns about that subject, but somehow also finds

a way to become proficient in it too. Something that not many of us can do with just one hobby or interest. John can do with 20-30!

This was also my first interview that I have done at someone’s house. His wife, Angela, had prepared a beautiful spread of fruits for our picnic shoot in the backyard...and when we were done, had made us all lemonade mimosas. I think this will be a new MUST for all my photoshoots moving forward! Thanks for the idea, Angela!

John has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years. He has a passion for his patients and that passion has led him to spend much of his time and efforts commuting to rural parts of the state. Besides wearing his cowboy boots at work, John also brings a deep love for those who come to him and trust him with their needs. Always a student of medicine, he seeks to provide not only the best care, but also speak worth, value and dignity into his patients.

Life has not always been easy for John and he opens up regarding some dark times he’s gone through.

That’s John open book, authentic and wanting to be helpful to those in need. This is where we get our title, “Forged in the Fire”. He has let me know that if anyone reads this story and can resonate with it, he would be more than happy to share a cup of coffee with you and hear yours too.

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