Dr. Julian Nussbaum; MD - Former VP AU Health

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

This month I am so excited to spotlight a very special and amazing person, Dr. Julian Nussbaum!!

- William S. Hagler Distinguished Chair of Ophthalmology

- Co-Director - James & Jean Culver Vision Discovery Institute

I first met him at a ribbon cutting ceremony in 2018 and we immediately began chatting over cookies and refreshments. Among the many people there, I was drawn to his warm and friendly disposition and the way he authentically engages people in conversation. We later met up the day after Christmas in his office and I learned more about his story in medicine and it was then I knew I wanted him to be a front cover story.

In this interview we learn a lot of great things about how he first got into medicine, the culture he infuses into his practice and even where he is excited medicine is going in the near future. On a personal level, he divulges what his very first job was, his greatest adventure and favorite foods.  

All in all, there is much to read and learn about and from Julian. One of the defining traits that most impressed me was the generosity he displays in his smile. He is known for both his smile and laughter. In the article, he shares some great stories of how his ability to look at a patient (though the day is busy and hectic) and smile at them and with them, completely changes the entire appointment for the better. Also the man loves to laugh. We captured that in our photos we shared with all of you. His laughter is important in my opinion, because it's never pompous or arrogant, nor is it at the expense of another person. Julian laughs because he enjoys what he does and he enjoys life and is fully convinced that The Divine has him where he is supposed to be in the world.

I'm very grateful for the few hours I got to spend with him. Healthcare is more than just metric and numbers and stats.  They are important certainly in the diagnostic process for patients. However, medicine can never be divorced from the very people it serves. And people are never equations. I'm reminded of that throughout these interviews and that's why I wanted to title this issue, "Every Patient Encounter Is An Opportunity To Create A Bond..."

That's what sticks out most to me and I hope and trust that you will enjoy this man and his story as much as I did.

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