Dr Kathy Chance; MD

For my 24th issue, I sat down with Dr Kathy Chance of OBGYN Partners of Augusta.

Dr. Chance and I have met now several times. I have always been impressed by her extensive knowledge and expertise in women’s health…while at the same time, holding such a deep and felt care and concern for her patients. Her patients love her. In her office, you can find a number of gifts (ceramic angels/statues) as well as handmade pillows decorating her space. That doesn’t come from transitional patient care, you know?!

Kathy is also a lot of fun. She has a great sense of humor and wonderful laugh.  We had a great time chatting about a number of topics. Plus, when your favorite '90s TV show is Friends and favorite food is Mexican, how can you not sit for an hour and banter, smile and laugh?!

At a young age, she knew that she was destined for medicine, in some form or fashion. As a child of only 5 years old, she wore scrubs and a stethoscope and carried a photo of a hospital on career day.  

Since that time, Dr. Chance has become one of the area’s best known and esteemed OGB physicians! The culture she infuses into her practice is to always exceed expectations.

They are consistently working to improve processes for patient care, as well as to improve the internal office working environment for our staff. These, in addition to providing for patient involvement in their own care, she believes translates into the best environment and satisfaction for everyone. And I agree with her.

She also has launched a local weight-loss clinic just this past October.  With Georgia having at least a 35% obesity rate, an opportunity to help bring a Profile (by Sanford Weight loss) location to Augusta was very exciting for her.  Profile plan was created by physicians and medical researchers at Sanford Health, a non-profit health care system, and has proven to be simple and effective for sustainable weight loss. It works by providing 1-on-1 coaching and individualized nutrition and activity plans that are customized down to a patient’s DNA. It can work for self-referred patients and also with physicians who refer patients for consultation and management with regular communication about their journey and success.   

I hope that all of you enjoy learning about Dr. Chance as much as I have. We are blessed to have her in Augusta…and grateful.

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