Dr. Mark Newton, MD

I am so excited to have the opportunity to highlight this month, Dr. Mark Newton, MD. Mark absolutely needs no introduction amongst our local medical community, but alas … I will provide my own to suffice.

I first met Dr. Newton when I was invited to attend a Christmas party for the ER Team at Doctors Hospital. It was held in a nice cozy cottage in Champions Retreat Golf Club. Though I didn’t know anyone there, except the person who had invited me, I was able to observe a lot that evening.

What I did observe was team camaraderie, loads of smiles, strong support, comfortable familiarity amongst one another. In essence, I had joined the Christmas celebration of a very diverse, but yet a unified, family. They were indeed a true team. And at the head of that team was a competent, humble, winsome and thankful leader… Dr. Newton.  

That was my first impression, and it was perhaps the most profound, because one cannot mask disunity … nor can one feign it. That team had unity of purpose, unity of power and unity of profession. The greatest part of it was that I could tell that although they all worked under and respected Mark’s leadership… he, himself was just one of the team players. He had a humility that seemed to bring out the best in others, calling them to a standard of work and professionalism that he himself lived under – yet not in a brow-beating directive way. 

Since that time, our paths have crossed here and there. We both serve on the board of Golden Harvest Food Bank. And I have sought to highlight him for years in this publication, wanting to both learn his story and as well, share it with all of you.

I am happy to do so in a real and unique way, which gives you a direct look into the heart of a person whom has accomplished so much … yet has a tender and grateful spirit about him. He has been faithful to each of his many callings, “Blooming where he was planted” – and that is why we named this article an issue from that very expression.

Congratulations, Dr. Mark Newton, for being Medical Professionals Augusta's October 2020 front cover physician!

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