Dr Marshall Bedder

I was introduced to Dr. Bedder at a St. Paddy’s event by our mutual friend, Summer Peters. (Thank you, Summer!)

He and I sat across from one another in an overcrowded restaurant, while a three-piece band was lighting up our eardrums from only 10 to 15 feet away. Having difficulty hearing one another provided me an opportunity to hone in on other forms of communication, and of which has become one of my favorite things about Marshall: his face.

He has a warm and kind disposition about him. I noticed that he is intent and focused on the person to whom he is talking. Whether this is intentional or has been built over the years, I don’t know? However, I am sure that such attention has helped his staff and team feel heard and has also greatly assisted in his ability to provide his patients with the best personal care possible. And he smiles a lot.

Getting back to the party. It was so loud, and I was tired of screaming across a table, so we went outside to finish up our beers and follow up our discussion. Once outside, we talked about music (love for bass players and a good bass line), art and travel. All of which were a pure delight to entertain.

Marshall and his wife, Vicki, are loyal patrons of the arts. They not only show support by attending shows and performances, but they also volunteer their time when possible. They also enjoy throwing house parties with lots and lots of people and live music. I knew that I want- ed to feature his story at that restaurant, and it made the most sense to do it in this, our July issue.

For the photo shoot, we (Sally Kolar and I) visited the uptown VA location and were absolutely blown away by the beauty of the grounds and architecture. One of my favorite things about the place, however, was its atrium. The other favorite was their music therapy space. We included quite a few great pictures from that room, as well as their fully functioning gym. This is a great story, written by a fascinating person, and I truly hope that all of you enjoy reading this story as much as I did.

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