Dr Miriam Atkins, MD

I met Dr. Atkins through an introduction from our December 2021 Nurse Spotlight, Brenda McGarr. Thank you, Brenda!

I had heard Miriam’s name quite a bit throughout the years, from spending time with local medical professionals, and so many stellar men and women seemed to speak very highly of her. So, when Brenda said that she would provide me with an introduction, I was very excited and knew that I wanted so share this story on a front cover. And that day is today!

My photographer, Sally Kolar, and I, met at Augusta Oncology’s Wheeler Rd location and it was there that I was greeted by a fun, vivacious, confident and wonderful human being! Dr Miriam is good at what she does. Her staff and peers all enjoy her and respect her. As we walked the halls and found great spots for photos, it was a very fun and playful experience to watch them all interact with one another.

There’s so much that can be said about that fun time. We even got a short dance lesson in, as Miriam has been dancing Ballroom for the past few years and knows how to Cha-Cha and Tango with the best of them! In fact, she literally went from the photoshoot, straight to a dance lesson with Matt Watson (her partner) at Ball- room In Motion.

All in all, I couldn’t imagine a better story and more wonderful medical provider to end our 2021 season with, other than Dr. Miriam Atkins!

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