Dr. Ray and Michael Johnson; MD

I was first introduced to Dr. Michael through the idea and effort of staff member Amanda Breeden, PA-C. Thank you, Amanda!

My first impressions of my time with Dr. Michael was that he was the type of a person who loves his work. No pomp and circumstance with this doctor... He is smart beyond his years, yet humble and respectful. Hard to imagine all this from a Notre Dame graduate? (Insert smirk.) Yes, Dr. Michael loves his work and patients, but, even more, he loves his wife and family. I appreciate the way that he comes home and turns off his work so as to be present and focus on them. He has a very humble and sparsely decorated office, but pictures of his family take up most all of the decorations in it. He also speaks very highly of his father, Dr. Ray Johnson.

Dr. Ray Johnson is well loved by all who come into contact with him. Whether other providers, staff, patients, Pharma reps ... he is known as a kind and gentle person, who knows his way around the cardiovascular system. His office, unlike Michael’s, is absolutely bursting with images, awards, books, keepsakes and the hundreds of items his grandchildren have made him over the years. One of my favorite items he has is proudly displayed on the wall to your left when you enter. It’s a painting of a cat, on a sheet of plywood, created by a patient who couldn’t afford to pay any of the cost of his procedure. So, as a sign of appreciation to Dr. Ray, he did what he could with his humble and modest resources... He painted a “thank you” picture. This alone describes and correctly portrays the heart and empathy of Dr. Ray.

Together, they were a lot of fun to interview and photo- graph. We walked all over the hospital and outside between strong rain storms to get the ideal shots for this piece. Let me say that they both walk very very quickly! Almost super-human speeds, to be exact. Must be genetic?

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