Dr. Rob Lamberts; MD

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

I'm honored in this January issue, to highlight Dr. Rob Lamberts.  Rob is one of those personalities that you will never forget once meeting. His wit, insightfulness and unending playfulness is refreshing.  He is a student of his practice and not just only in the minutiae of anatomy, physiology or pharmacology, which helps him with the in's and out's of patient care. But rather, he is at heart a philosopher, a renegade and a pioneer, who dares to stand up against the traditional system of healthcare, turning it on its head, saying "We can do better than this...I can do better than this." He is a disrupter who wears Crocs and mock turtlenecks. He is wicked smart, but humble.  He is a writer who uses his words to conjure up images of what could be and what should be.  He is a dreamer and an artist, forging with creativity.  He also makes stuff happen.  So he's also a happener.  A happy happener. A happy happener who happens to be a recovering physician.

I so much enjoyed sitting down with him for an hour and connecting over his personal story about how he got into well as his deep love for his patients.  Rob is also an accomplished musician who plays the guitar and sings.  He celebrates Van Morrison Friday's and believes the general public should as well; by law. Oh yeah...he brews his own beer too. Perhaps these two passions should be combined into a Van Beer-ison Friday? 

Nevertheless, I hope all of you enjoy his story and his humble authenticity as much as I did. And, if you tilt your head and squint your eyes while reading his might just want to pick up the phone and call his office.  He's open to field any of your questions regarding how he does what he does.

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