Dr. Robert Campbell: Christ Community Health Services (Augusta)

Among those who’ve I’ve interviewed so far, I’ve known Robert the longest…around 15 years now. In fact when I was researching the foundational elements for this magazine, I sat down with him for an early morning breakfast at a local dive. He has been a strong supporter and champion of this platform from before Day 1. I’m grateful to him for all the good feedback. Ok, so about Dr. Campbell. Robert will ever seek the spotlight, ever. Unless it champions the cause of his patients or the under-non-insured whom he and his staff on a daily basis. He is a man who is full of passion and faith. He will never ask of others or his staff what he isn’t willing to give himself. I absolutely have the highest respect for what he is doing with CCHS and loved chatting with him about it. Out of all the interviews given, Robert gave us the most time and unlimited access to his life, his practice and his buildings. He has a contagious enthusiasm and I love watching his eyes and face light up when he shares about the vision for CCHS and what they are accomplishing.

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