Dr. Troy Austin; MD

In this September 2019 issue, I’m so excited to be able to highlight one of my favorite people, Dr. Troy Austin. I first met Troy several years ago through mutual friends. Being one who only knew of him through his billboards and other marketing ads, I was met with what I had expected, a confident, poised and restrained individual. However, I was later completely surprised also by such a winsome and funny personality. Troy is a mystical amalgam of serious/fun, confident/cocky, that throws most people off...or better yet, keeps them guessing. I think he prefers that way. No, let me rephrase, I'm pretty confident that he does in fact prefer it that way. All that being said, I will be the very first to admit that it's hard NOT to like Troy. And here are some reasons why.

His staff loves him. They are also very loyal to him and the practice. This is not because he is heavy-handed or that he utilizes fear or intimidation. He is respectful...though determined. Troy hires people for their natural talent, from the front reception to those who administer injectables. He is picky because he has high standards for himself and anything that has his name on it. His staff knows that and respect that. They truly are a family at Southeastern Aesthetics Surgery. From an ongoing 14-person group text, whereby they all keep up with one another (even on off hours) to challenging his staff to keep individually growing and learning, he is dedicated to their personal welfare and development. He cares about them...and in return, they care about him and his practice.  

Troy also has over the years been intentional about protecting his doctor/patient time. This, to him, is THE essential role that a physician can play with their patients. The more educated and informed the patient is, the better the outcome will always be. He has let insurance companies go, no longer letting them dictate how he spends his time, what boxes he checks or software he uses, or, most importantly, how long or little he spends with each patient. The end result is a happier physician whose patients LOVE him and walk away with the right expectations and know that he truly cares about them. And that he can and does deliver on what he promises to them.

Success hasn't come easy for Troy. As you will read in his open and candid article, he has had to work hard to be where he is. In high school, he was told he shouldn't go to college. In college, he was told he wasn't smart enough to pursue pre-med. He took the MCAT three times before passing and being accepted to med school. What has kept him going was the tenacity of human grit and determination, coupled with a love for patient care and the practice of medicine. How can you not respect that?! Damn. 

Dr. Austin could choose to live and practice in any city in the U.S. We are thankful and grateful that he is here with us in Augusta, GA. And I am equally thankful and excited to share with all of you his story in this issue.

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