Dr Valerie Ertle

In this our August 2021 issue, I’m very pleased to share with all of you Valerie Ertle, MD. I first met Valerie through a partnership with MAP (Medical Associates Plus). She had a short bio in one of their advertisements, and after reading it, I knew that I wanted to learn and share her full story.

Some of the things that stood out to me from our times together is the way she carries herself around the staff. Valerie is professional, secure in who she is and what she’s doing for the team ... but she’s also very humble and grateful. She sees herself not at the top of the power pyramid but rather as part of its foundation ... a true team player.

She also smiles a lot. I also enjoy her fun and playful disposition. She has so much energy and excitement that affects those she’s around as well as the various things she does. A mother of two small children and a devoted wife to her husband, Jacob, Valerie pours into her people. We had so much fun in our photoshoot. Her father, Dr. Capuy, was on site for the photoshoot, so we were very happy to include him in some of the photos as well. Actually, her mother and father (both physicians) started the practice, and she has just recently joined the team.

Hope you enjoy her story and can sense the fun and joy we had with the photoshoot.

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