Dr. Yolanda Safford-Jones; MD

In this, our May 2020 issue, we will be highlighting Dr. Yolanda Safford Jones.

I was first referred to Dr. Yolanda by Pediatric Partner’s Practice Administrator, Jim Mumford. I’ve known Jim for a while now, originally meeting when he was directing the Children’s Hospital of GA, and when he recommends that I meet someone, he has my full attention. Thus, I send Dr. Yolanda an email, and the rest ... well, the rest is what’s inside this magazine! My first impressions of Dr. Yolanda is that she cares for those around her. There’s no getting around that sentiment. It’s quite visceral. Along with a very warm smile, she also has an engaging enthusiasm that pours out into the desperation and fear of so many of her patients and their tired parents. Her presence is strong and stable.

As you read through the interview, you’ll see that she herself is no stranger to hard work and education. She literally pivoted and changed majors in college when a trusted professor challenged her to pursue a side interest in anatomy and biology. Unconvinced and just to make sure that she was making the right choice, on her down time she invested in shadowing ER physicians at Grady in Atlanta. As she says it best, “I was hooked!” If you can handle any big-city ER department ... you’ve been doing your homework well and should be rightly convinced!

I really appreciate the way that she approaches her patients and their parents with both confidence and humility. She is their advocate and believes that she has their best interest in mind, but if they don’t agree with her, she’s also happy to refer them out to another. Thus, her patients feel both loved and heard, as well as empowered.

Some would be surprised to learn that this physician, wife and mother of a 2-year-old still enjoys watching episodes of Golden Girls and can crab walk like no one’s business! Other hidden talents are being classically trained on both piano and viola ... as well as being afraid of heights.

Dr. Yolanda has been a true joy to get to know, and I’m so very excited to share with all of you her story!

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