Elena Prendergast; DNP, FNP-C

Warm greetings!

I first met Elena at a party for NP rock star, Samantha Tojino. We happened upon one another by sitting on the same sofa and I’m so glad that we did! Elena is an amazing person with such a great story.

Some of the things that I appreciate most about her are the following:

The way she tells stories. Elena is a master storyteller with great and meaningful stories to share. I found myself wanting to camp out for hours listening and ask- ing her to share more. The way she is a team player. This is one of the things I hear most about her from peers and staff. She is dependable and responsible. She is not about making herself look good, but rather about the success of the team and that each individual gets recognized and celebrated.

The way that she dives into and masters whatever she puts her mind to. You will soon see (by reading the article) that Elena is hardworking and a forever curious personality. But, on top of that, she’s extremely talented at learning and master- ing well as passing that along to others (including her students).

The way that she is passionate about end- of-life transitions. Probably THE most challenging and difficult aspect of any- one’s life and for any family member to go through is death. This transitional experience has been something that Elena has dealt with her entire life, as her parents passed away in her youth and she then had a few other experiences that would forever shape her view and understanding of death. She applies this personal heart- break and personal breakthroughs to her patients and families.

All in all, I and a host of others are all thankful for her and for the way that she loves others so deeply and cares for them with such skill.

I hope you enjoy this article and issue as much as I did putting it together!

Kind regards,

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