Jennifer Jones: Therapeutic Interventions

I was honored to meet Jennifer through her husband, Gordon. Jennifer is an absolute delight. She is driven while engaging. Focused while highly aware of those around her. She accomplishes more in her sleep than most of us do in decades. I had so much respect for her tenacity and relentlessness. Over the years, I have been over to their house many times because of my history with living and working in China and being able to speak Chinese. She and her husband have adopted 3 kids from China. Yes, Jennifer is one of the rare people who actually practice what she preaches. Besides starting a foundation “Therapeutic Options” which helps families of kids with find and gross motor-skills deficiencies find the money to get the care they need, she and Gordon are starting a new school in Augusta for such kids; Augusta Therapy Academy. What can be said other than, “Wow!” I will link to their website here if you’d like to learn more or donate to help make this a reality.

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