Jim Adkins; CEO SouthStar EMS

This month I wanted to do a little something outside of my normal physician front cover. Speaking of a little outside of "normal," I am so very honored to highlight Jim Adkins, CEO of SouthStar EMS.  

Jim is one of the few people I've encountered who absolutely delights in lifting up others around him. He is God-gifted with a sharp emotional intelligence, so he can read people immediately as he meets them...yet, he is also a deeply loving and caring person, so at the same time, he seeks to put smiles on those faces. He is light hearted, fun, with a forever grin on his face.  

My first impression when sitting down in his office was that the man is a chieftain of storytelling. He is a walking human-Netflix of stories, narratives, facts, trivia and close encounters with a wide variety of life topics. Where he truly comes alive, though, is in talking about the emergency medical service industry ... and one of the many missions trips to Romania he has been on. He is also a collector of things and various memorabilia. He has an office filled with knickknacks and toy paddy wagons to boot! And each item has a story, a name and a person behind it. Remarkably, Jim can remember each and every detail. And I've yet to find a story to be lacking in interest or relevancy. Folks ... the guy has talent.

Jim has been in the EMS industry since 1969, back when an ambulance was either a station wagon or a hearse. He jokingly stated that back then the EMT training was rather simple: "If you could drive a car, you could be the ambulance driver, period." Lots has changed since that time, and I learned that lots has changed in Jim's life when he shared a transformational experience in 1993, which forever changed his life and almost took him away from the business permanently.

But, it did not, and SouthStar EMS is thankfully still with us here in Augusta, and we are so very honored to share the story and life of this wonderful man, his fantastic staff and what he believes is the future of the EMS service moving forward in the modern medical age.

Thank you to Jim for opening your heart and sharing your story with everyone in the May issue of Medical Professionals Augusta!

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