Katrina Keefer; CEO AU Health

I first met Katrina at a ribbon-cutting for AU Health’s neest Radiology Imaging Center on Wheeler Road. Practice Administrator, Lance Danko had invited me to attend. I took a few photos with my phone, and one of them was of Katrina, and when looking back later, there was a rainbow halo, above her head! No joking!

Over the weeks, we correspond, and I told her that I wanted her to be my April issue front cover, and she obliged, and here we are!

One of the things that first stick out to me with Katrina is the way she is SO incredibly personable. One could say that she’s “never forgotten her humble beginnings” or “she’s stayed true to who she is” ... both of which I’m sure are true. However, I believe there is another secret to her, and that is she’s stayed grateful. How do I know that? Well, when conducting the interview, we talked about a lot of things, concepts, policies, issues, struggles, hopes ... etc. ... but it was only when I asked her the last question, “What are you most grateful today?” she wept as she answered. Her heart was laid open, and you will just have to read her answer at the end of the interview.

Katrina is also super smart, attentive, decisive and extremely competent. I love that she doesn’t come from the healthcare industry but rather the financial world. She understands the financial component of healthcare ... and especially how that applies to a hospital/teaching college the size of AU Health!

But yet, she doesn’t live her life in some high castle. As we walked through the halls of the hospital to conduct our pho- to shoot (which ended up on the top of the hospital ... very cool!), she knew everyone’s names. EVERYONE. She also stopped from time to time to pick up trash to throw away. She takes personal ownership of her people and her hospital ... and one can’t help but respect the Hell out of that!

I’m so grateful to highlight her and her story in this issue and I hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as I did putting it together!

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