Morgan Fordham; PharmD

Morgan is our first-ever pharmacist to grace the front cover of MP Augusta!

I first met Morgan at a medical soiree in 2020. After that time, we set an appointment to meet up and chat more.

I was so impressed with the personability and professionalism that met me that day in North Augusta’s Custom Pharmacy.

Morgan is smart, engaging and bubbly. She knows her craft and loves her patients. Humble and grateful, she has a long list of providers whom she works with … an impressive list, but she will never divulge that info if not asked. I asked … and was very impressed that at such a young age, she has such large and established provider-clients across the CSRA.

I really appreciated her story and how she has worked to overcome much adversity in life, time and time again. These moments have served to deepen her love of people, appreciation for what’s important and has made her giving and compassionate. Though I would never wish them upon her … I’m so thankful that we can all experience the person Morgan has become.

On a lighter side, she has an unused crochet set in the office, so I’m publicly challenging her to a game – winner gets the giant container of peanut-filled M&Ms behind the counter!

I truly hope that all of you enjoy reading this story as much as I did.

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