Samantha Tojino: Doctor’s Hospital

I was introduced to Samantha through Will Lanier, who works at Doctor’s Hospital. I met Will at the party we had for Doug Welch months ago and he wrote me an email to let me know about someone who I should consider for the front cover. I love referrals like that, especially from people like Will who is so well connected within the Augusta medical community. Thus, I set an appointment to meet with Samantha at a local coffee shop a few days later. Upon meeting I soon discovered what a treasure Samantha is for the Augusta medical community! She is a devoted wife and mother, whose faith is very important to her. She is also dedicated to her patients, (women), who have been experiencing issues with their sexual health. One thing that I really appreciate is that Samantha takes a holistic approach to helping her patients. She will spend several hours with them, if necessary, listening and connecting. How amazing is that!? I am so grateful for the talent and skills she brings to us here in Augusta, and was honored to have her on the front cover of this issue.

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