Savannah River Dermatology; Dr. Anna Kay Duckworth & Dr. Sarah Cely.

First things first. "Yes" that is Sarah's lab-coat I'm somehow wearing. And "yes" I had to have assistance trying to peel it off my long monkey arms.

In our August 2019, issue I was so excited to be able to highlight two great physicians, Dr. Anna Kay Duckworth and Dr. Sarah Cely. I originally spoke with Anna Kay exactly one year ago about being featured in the magazine…and am so glad it worked out. Sometimes our schedule can be booked out a full year in advanced!

Some of the things which stood out to me about both of these physicians were their warm smile and engaging personality. Their patients love them…no, they LOVE them. Spending only a few moments with Sarah and Anna Kay, one can definitely see why. Though both are happily married with small kids, they spoke openly about the challenges of balancing work and life. I appreciate what Sarah had to say about that:

“As much as we try to “balance” everything, it will not always be balanced evenly and when you are able to recognize and accept that, you will allow yourself to focus on the area that demands the most of you at that time.”

I thought that this was a wise statement because no matter how hard we try, often life will ask us to focus on certain things rather than others. It’s impossible and often times irresponsible to try to maintain a projected self-balance that life is not calling us to at the present moment. The need to evaluate, adapt and be ok with it is the key to long-term success.  Sarah also pointed out that in regards to patient care: 

“…behind every patient, there’s a person and sometimes that person needs me more that day than the “patient”.

Again, I thought that this was well worth pointing out as a highlight in the interview. People are complex creatures with a wide variety of needs.  “Wellness” and “Health”, are often relegated to charts, graphs, widgets and machines that make funny noises. Yet, a physician can never overlook the human factor in their care plan or Dr./Patient time.  

Anna Kay also has some great words of wisdom and practicality when she shared:

“Excellent healthcare providers treat the patient and not just the disease…Prioritizing issues, even if just making baby steps each visit, can make a bigger difference in the end result than trying to conquer big problems with aggressive quick solutions.”

Again, I feel that their focus is holistically on the person and when they take care of the person, the patient will also benefit as a result. This was also a highlight of the interview that I think universally applies to any patient under the care of any physician or healthcare worker.

Both ladies are devoted learners.

They love and champion their husbands…who ironically also work together in one of Augusta’s top construction companies – Duckworth Development. Both have some fun stories to share with you as well as their favorite vacation spots and worst jobs they’ve ever worked.

All in all, I hope you are as encouraged as much as I am by this article and the words which Sarah and Anna Kay took the time to share with us all.

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